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The RELAY EXPERT SYSTEM is a furniture

Lifting/Flooring Installation Technique 

used for the placement of modular carpet or Vinyl Tiles. This includes the lifting of furniture, removal of existing floor covering, supply and installation of New Modular Carpet Tiles or Vinyl Tiles.

We also work after office hours, weekends and evenings.



Thanks to the RELAY EXPERT SYSTEM one single company can handle every aspect of the replacement of your floor covering problems. Which means, cost accounting is clearer and easier. EVERYTHING is included.

RELAY EXPERT FLOORING is now available for companies located in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France.

The RELAY EXPERT SYSTEM can be used to replace any carpet and Vinyl installation.

Minimum size effective jobs 200m2.

Installation of Vinyl Tiles is possible under certain special conditions;

an initial visit will enable us to determine the best possible solution, in accordance to your needs.



RELAY EXPERT FLOORING puts first-rate flooring craftsmen trained in state-of-the-art techniques at your service. Their competence allows us to adapt our system in the most appropriate way for each job.


How does it work?

In addition to RELAY EXPERT S exclusive technique, our professional process guarantees success.


Following the initial meeting with the client, the areas of carpeting to be replaced are agreed and the floor plans are coulor-coded to indicate precisely where we will start the installation program. Each coloured area will represent one evening's completed work in strict rotation starting from a point agreed with the client.

The program will be agreed with the client before the beginning of the work to ensure that all problems have been covered and eliminated.


Agreed security requirements will be applied before starting the project, with copies of the colour-coded plans and work sheets. Our staff will consider the whole work area as a no smoking or eating zone.

The site manager will inform the employees of the installation area and ensure that any papers or other items left on the floor are collected and removed to a safe place. Digital pictures will be taken to remember the location of the furniture to guaranty their original place.



*  The existing floor covering will be vacuumed to eliminate any dust, if needed;

*  Any movable furniture will be placed on specialised "skates" and moved;

*  The old floor covering will be moved carefully, ensuring any dust is kept to a minimum, to an area designated

    by the client; 

*  Any damage to any concrete sub-floor will be repaired, if necessary, with appropriate products;

*  The new carpet tiles will be positioned closely to the furniture, then specialised RELAY EXPERT TOOLS will be used       to raise the furniture, to accommodate the removal and installation of the new carpet. The furniture will then be           lowered on to the new carpet; 

*  The equipement used to replace the old carpet, will not damage the existing furniture;

*  The area will then be vacuumed where necessary;

*  The next day the site manager will make sure that all furniture has been put back to its original position;

*  The offices are ready for you the next morning. A regular working day is beginning - only the carpet has changed! 

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